Lobanov Aleksey

Let me introduce myself :coffee:

I am an mobile developer based in Ekaterinburg, Russia. My real passion is creating of ios applications with an interface that should be easy to use. I have a full understanding the process of software engineering, development life cycle. I am always ready to give designers and managers an advice, that helps to understand how an app should work and how to make it look better. I have a lot of experience in agile environment. It helps to meet the deadline and find better solutions for a project. I am also good as a team-player and in working individually.

Date of birthday: 06.05.1987
Desired position : Mobile Developer (iOS, Android)

Skills and Competences

Language spoken: Russian, English
Computer skills and competences: Flutter and iOS Developer (previusly native developer on iOS)
Programming languages: Dart (Flutter framework), Swift (more than 12 projects done), Python (for home project for fun)

Development (Skills and technologies)

Development skills: OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), POP (Protocol-Oriented Programming), TDD (Test-Driven Development).
Data base: Hive, CoreData, Realm
Frameworks: SDK Development, Reactive Programming (RxSwift, Reactive Cocoa, RxDart)
Package managers, tools and apps: CocoaPods, Carthage, Fastlane, Emacs
Development tools and approaches: Git-flow, JIRA, Jodiz
Application architectures: Swift I use MVVM + Rx, MVCm. Dart I use BloC
Additional knowledge: Work experience with iTunes Connect, iOS Provisioning Portal, Google Play.

Work experience

Fintech startup

Software Engineer / iOS Developer / Flutter (Dart), Team-lead

Working since april 2018 …

  1. Client for the Banking app
    • Universal app for toh platform iOS and Android, using Flutter framework
    • Using GraphQL API backend and Hive as Database

  2. Client for the exchange platform - Now project is freezen

Soft Media Lab

Software Engineer / Senior - iOS Developer, Team-lead

Working since april 2016 - 2018

  1. Avatar — a location-based private messaging app, for strangers. I had created a native iOS application from a scratch with about 20 controllers in.
    • Users can search conversation partners who are near to her/him to chat with
    • Using RESTful API backend and Realm instead of Coredata
    • Push notifications and In APP purchases
    • Business logic includes: geographic search, messaging, send files etc

  2. Creditclub - a credit system which works only in Georgia
    • project based on swift language
    • Technologies which I use: Realm for database, RxSwift + MVVM architecture, Moya framework for network layer

NET Element

Software Engineer / Senior - iOS Developer

1 year 6 months (Feb. 2015 - Apr. 2016)

  1. POS system Aptito — is an all-in-one restaurant POS solution that offers the most complete package of features. My responsibilities included supporting current functionality and implementation of new features.
    • had work with refactoring and improvements current code database because app has alot of legacy code, elimination of memory leaks
    • had work with printers and barcode scanners SDK, implemented convenient wrappers for development with it
    • language Objective-C

  2. Implementation the mobile application for UBRA Boats, which are an analogue of UBER application for water transport.
    • had implemented two apps for riders and shkipers
    • business logic includes: geolocation search places, clasterization of items on map, location tracking by trips, messaging
    • push notifications
    • app has been implemented on VIPER architecture
    • language Objective-C

East Media LTD

Software Engineer / Middle - iOS Developer

3 years 5 months (Oct. 2011 - Feb. 2016)

  1. Implementation the universal mobile application for PinMe social network, which is an analogue of Pinerest social network.
    • had experience with networking, work with threads, optimisation of UI elements, camera
    • use POP Facebook framework for implemented unusual animations
    • had implemented photo editor with photo-filters
    • created own network layer framework based on Bolts Facebook framework
    • language Objective-C

  2. Live poetry — is an interactive book with rich scope of multimedia elements: video, animations and audio. An application does not have native iOS interface and looks like a real book.

  3. iPhone-version of publishing platform East-Media development. One of magazines released on the platform is Majorca.

  4. Applications development for «Uralskiy rabochiy»:

I-Jet Media

1 year 1 month - ActionScript Developer (Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2010)

Implementation of platform for distributing of social games.

Education and Training

Graduated: Ural Federal University Training Software computer technology and automated systems. Dates: April 2006 - May 2010
Additional: information about university from Anabin: University information, Faculty information
Hobby: playing piano, computer games, travelling, basketball and football

📫 lobanov.aw(DOG)gmail.com

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:camera: Instagram

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